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Young and Ambitious? February 10, 2010

Posted by Jojo in Music.
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In Elisa’s previous post she had mentioned that she wished to release some sort of Okinawan music compilation akin to the work that Sublime Frequencies puts out. I myself am a huge fan of their work, and I recently covered a song in Burmese, “Than Shin Ley Ye Khan by Saing Saing Maw,” which appears on their compilation Guitars of the Golden Triangle: Folk and Pop Music of Myanmar. With the help of my good friends in my hometown band Please Quiet Ourselves, I think it turned out to be a pretty glorious cover!

Like Elisa, I want to put out a record that could be on Sublime Frequencies, but instead of compiling music, I would like to make it in the firsthand with an Okinawan band. It might be a little ambitious, but making a collaborative ethno-pop album in three months would clearly be the coolest thing I could hope to do during my trip. Although I don’t know anyone from Okinawa yet, the band is already a hit-machine in my head — like seven girls… playing heavy metal folk.



1. Jono - February 12, 2010

Sounds great! Don’t let that ambition get you down — I’m sure it’s already worth it. Happy landing!

Jono - February 12, 2010

it being the trip

josephbrandel - February 12, 2010

Oh yeah. I had an awesome dinner in Osaka last night– some crazy place in Namba. Wish you were here bro!

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