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Abunai!! February 15, 2010

Posted by Jojo in Photos.
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Be wary of sea spirits.



1. Jasonnn - February 15, 2010
Elisa - February 16, 2010

totemo kawaii desune!

2. Kelp - February 16, 2010

eww, that sign is warning you about chemical sludge, gross.

Elisa - February 17, 2010

Gross! Does that mean that those black hands are really part of the sign, and not graffiti? We couldn’t tell.

Kelp - February 17, 2010

yeah i think so, like your feet could get caught in the sticky sludge and you could get pulled under. . .

/wishes she’d gotten some sort of comment notification, haha spoiled by LJ i guess

Kelp - February 17, 2010

ooooh nvm i see you have to check a box to get notifications. . .*checks*

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