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The Origin of Music February 17, 2010

Posted by Elisa Hough in History, Music.
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There’s this Japanese myth about the genesis of song and dance. More or less it goes like this:

One day the Sun Goddess got insulted by her brother, and she was so upset that she holed up in a cave and blocked off the entrance. The world turned dark.

Plants started dying. People were depressed. The entire world’s cycle was off due to the Sun Goddess’ depression.

In an attempt to lure her out of the cave,  the Goddess of Laughter started singing and dancing outside the cave, banging on a barrel for rhythm. The other gods watching were so amused that they shouted and laughed.

The Sun Goddess was so curious about the laughter and the sounds that she finally emerged, and the world lit up again thanks to the music.

Thus, music and taiko drumming were established in Japanese culture as sources of laughter, joy and curiosity. And it was good.



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