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Folk-future Fusion February 23, 2010

Posted by Elisa Hough in Music, Photos.
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Now we’re in Onna, on the coast of the East China Sea. Thanks to golf course fertilizer, farm fertilizer and some open sewers, this is by far the smelliest place I’ve ever been.

But there are some cool little shops here, including this kitschy junk store with an exterior paint job I just couldn’t resist.

Among camo gear, fake USA sports jerseys and beni imo (sweet potato) Kit Kats were a few Okinawan music CDs. I got this one, Respect Record Presents Okinawa Best Song Collection, because it totally looks like a Ubiquity Records record, doesn’t it?

It’s a mix of traditional folk songs and modernized electro-type versions. (To try to tie this together,) it’s kind of representative of this town: brand new Western-style resorts on one side of the highway, run-down fishing shops and houses connected by dank alleyways on the other. This song combines traditional sanshin and vocals with modern production and instrumentation.

チョンチョンキジムナ (Chon Chon Kizamuna)
Remixed by Takuji a.k.a. Geetek



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