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Exploring Urasoe March 2, 2010

Posted by Elisa Hough in Photos.
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As part of our internship, we’re staying in a student apartment in the city of Urasoe, just north of Naha. It’s pretty dense by Okinawa standards, with a few major highways running through it, separated from the coast by a Marine base. Here’s the view from my room.

I finally went exploring yesterday in the rain, all alone with no map. I got lost, but along the way I found some rad playgrounds. Here’s a climbing wall and a zipline, taken from atop a rope pyramid.

I tried to follow some kids who I figured were heading home from our elementary school, which eventually led me to a different school. But in this ghetto park I passed was a Miyazaki-style climbing tree.

All the drains in the neighborhood run into this beautiful sewage water river. Look at this giant fish! There were dozens just chillin’ under a bridge. I was a bit distraught not knowing where the hell I was, but they calmed me down.

And then, a wonderful sight: JSL, our home-for-now, just above the river.



1. pxl - March 3, 2010

so fun to get lost, I got lost while stoned, but had water, music, and tobacco, so I was fine. good times. The little rivers everywhere keep me from throwing cigarettes on the pavement… I don’t want to offend the river gods.

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