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Oki roots in… a Disney movie? March 3, 2010

Posted by Elisa Hough in Music.
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Okinawa is filled with Lilo & Stitch paraphernalia: Stitch bumper stickers, Stitch keychains, Stitch dolls playing sanshin. At first I thought it was because maybe Stitch was based on the Okinawan shisa dog but found no written evidence to support. Similar though, yeah?

Anyways, I think I just solved the riddle. There’s this Okinawan folk-inspired pop band called BEGIN — the song the andagi donut guy played was by them, and tomorrow Jojo’s going to perform another one of their songs with some fellow school staff members.

Turns out BEGIN’s repertoire also includes the opening and closing themes of Lilo & Stitch. Way to go, Disney! I guess I should give that movie a chance now.



1. Kelp - March 3, 2010

I really liked Lilo and Stitch because it had REAL kids in it (i.e. weird, super mean kids). Realistic dysfunction is always appreciated.

2. nyc - March 3, 2010

This is one of my favorites movies in part because of the reason listed above. I’d extend that to say real _characters_, though.

3. Christine - March 17, 2010

Also, Stitch was remade in Japan as a cartoon TV show that features an Okinawan girl instead of a Hawaiian girl 🙂

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