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Naha Nomikai April 3, 2010

Posted by Elisa Hough in Music, Other Arts, Photos.
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Yesterday was our last night in Naha (for now), so I set out in the rain alone after dark, armed only with an umbrella, one karate lesson and my recorder. I wandered some side streets until I heard live music spilling from an izakaya.

Here’s the owner, Ryouko Miyazato — or Mama-san. She has an amazing voice, and she proudly showed me posters of operas she performed in.

Somehow I got charged ¥1,000 for one glass of juice, but it came with andagi donuts, tempura, a photo shoot, posture correction, a kachashi (like Okinawan hula) dance lesson, a sanshin lesson, and a drum lesson. Here’s my debut on the drums (nothing fancy), accompanying Uehara Katsunori:

Here’s Uehara-san singing again, thanking first me and then, one by one, all the traveling guests. The clackety sound is from wooden sanba, like castanets:

The night really exemplified how this music bridges gaps, in many ways. Most of the customers were tourists from Tokyo, but everyone became Okinawan when singing and dancing. It was mostly an older crowd, but when a team of young eisa dancers and musicians joined in, the music became ageless.



1. Sigrunn Marie - April 4, 2010

You look great in a kimono Elisa!

2. Adilla - April 4, 2010

You should get one!

3. okidu - April 4, 2010

Kirei, ne! Bingata, desu ne.

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