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I Believe in Geckos April 9, 2010

Posted by Elisa Hough in Photos.
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My mom used to tell me about finding lizards and geckos in their Okinawa homes when she was little. It sounded scary to me, but my mom said it’s considered good luck here to have one in your house. Convenient belief, since these yamori seem to be inside all the time.



1. mas nadzir - April 9, 2010

omg I have thousand of them in my house, I must consider myself super lucky then XD

they make this annoying sound “cit cit cit” (which attracts my cats-and they will chase the geckos away XD)

p.s: Gecko is cicak (pronounce: chi-chak) in Malay. hehe now I know its called yamori in Japanese, cool~

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