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Music By the People, For the People April 12, 2010

Posted by Elisa Hough in Music, Photos.
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In addition to last night’s slow jams, there were a few uptempo percussion-based pieces. It’s the music of the farmers — joyous, lively and catchy. They were the only songs when the players and dancers looked like they were having fun.

These taiko players did a medley, but here’s a clip of “Soi Soi” — my favorite!

And here’s a video of the eisa folk dancers and drummers. Eisa ensembles, usually made of young men and women, combine taiko, sanshin, costumed dances, skits and singing. This group was all women, and they are my heros!

Comparing the classical court music with this music, they are both beautiful and intriguing forms. But to me, this folk style feels so much more real. It’s participatory music made to be enjoyed by players and audience alike — music for music’s sake, not religion or prestige or solemn ritual. Music by and for folks is always the best.



1. okidu - April 13, 2010


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