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Support World Music on the Radio! April 22, 2010

Posted by Elisa Hough in Music, Other Arts.
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There’s a little place back home with a big place in my heart. It’s been the hardest thing to be without. Sure, I miss eating cheese and sleeping on a mattress, but what I miss the most is KDVS.

As a timid UC Davis freshman, the campus radio station offered me a like-minded community and a home-away-from-dorm. As a rock/pop DJ, its extensive library encouraged me to dig deeper.

My musical discoveries at KDVS led me to studying ethnomusicology, wanting to learn about music as culture all over the world. I probably wouldn’t be in Okinawa if it weren’t for KDVS, even though ending my radio show was the most difficult part of leaving.

So, I would like to ask you to support KDVS’ annual fundraiser this week. We’re trying to raise $60,000 by Sunday to cover two-thirds of the yearly operating budget that UC Davis doesn’t pay for. The station provides a 24/7 signal of awesome freeform programming, and to keep that coming we need your help.

It’s a tax-deductible donation, and we’ll also send you thank-you packages of your choice — packs of three, four, five CDs, records, gift certificates, books, T-shirts, a dance party, a date, anything. Here are some premium packages I recommend, for a $25 donation as a student/low-income or $40 general.

Women of Africa / Soweto Gospel Choir
Youssour N’Dour / Seun Kuti
Global Drum Project

Hip-hop and electronic:
NASA / Julio Child / Lyrics Born
Felix Da Housecat / Unagi

Crossing those boundaries:
Chillis / Lushlife / KDVS Hip-hop Mixtape
Chillis / Exile / Daedelus

This T-shirt that I designed last year:
Mobile DJ Unit shirt

And — this is unsanctioned and we’re not really supposed to do this, but — if you tell me you pledged at least $10 to KDVS, I’ll send you a copy of the compilation I’m going to make with all our recordings from Okinawa, with professional recordings mixed in. It will be dope.

So please pledge! We all have to pitch in to keep international and underground music and voices on the air. Thank you!



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