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Tour of the Haunted Brothel April 23, 2010

Posted by Elisa Hough in History, Photos.
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So that you don’t have to risk being haunted by Okinawan ghosts, we at oki yo! have put our spiritual well-being at stake to give you a virtual tour of the infamous, possibly former mega-brothel, Kogen Hotel.

It starts at Nakagusuku Castle, the ruins left of a 600-year-old fortress in Okinawa City. It’s a peaceful spot with a panoramic view of the island.

But the real ruins are just across a field, over there. (This photo is a little sneak peak of the upcoming Please Quiet Ourselves music video.)

The entire structure of this deserted hotel remains, but the insides are torn to shreds. I wasn’t so much worried about ghosts as remembering I haven’t had a tetanus shot since 1992.

Everything that’s shatterable is shattered, including these squat toilets. It’s pretty clear this has been a hangout for Okinawan youth for ages — the hotel has had many visitors even after every owner died and it was abandoned.

It’s got the best rooftop I’ve been on in a long time, with a good view of its extensive coverage. You could spend a whole week exploring this place.

Our main goal was to get to the top of that open-air tower, which is probably one of the highest points on the island.

All the guest rooms have been gutted, with a few tatami mats and mattresses blocking the hallways, and a caved ceiling blocking stairs to nowhere.

On the first story of the tower, this appears to be a torched rail car. How was it scorched? How was it demolished? How did it make it up a freakin’ mountain? Only the ghosts know.

Yeah. This place has some pretty wacky architecture.

And from the top of the tower, here’s a view back down on Nakagusuku Castle, and some exposed wiring. We made it out unscathed, save for some sneezing fits and bug bites. I’m pretty sure my soul is still inhabited by only me.



1. jonobr1 - April 23, 2010

Dastardly! Better keep a dream catcher above your bed for the next few weeks

2. Eric - April 23, 2010

I got a lot of pictures of there from 07
I’ll try to remember to grab them off of my hard drive
ditto for scanning the business card if i can find it

3. tn - April 24, 2010

Pretty cool! I found this other extensive gallery of pictures of the hotel here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ontheborderland/sets/72157623053646673/

It really does look like it would take weeks to explore!

4. Tanuki - December 4, 2010

These are pretty cool pics. Here’s the real history to the place if you’re interested.

It’s called the Royal Hotel (Takara Hotel) and was built in the early 70’s. A very wealthy business man wanted to build an extremely extravagant luxury hotel and this was it. It was never completed nor open to the public. The area around the hotel is considered a sacred area and the owner was warned of the spirits and not build the hotel there. Various and multiple mishaps occurred during construction such as workers getting killed or hurt and being haunted at home by ghosts that followed them. Soon after construction workers refused to continue on with the hotel and never finished. The owner eventually went bankrupt and is currently in an insane asylum somewhere on island.
In the hotel you’ll find various remains and strange areas such as the cages in the bottom level that was meant for a zoo int eh hotel. Outside you’ll find water slides and pool for what was supposed to be a theme park. The open air tower was meant to be a night club. The reason the building’s layout is so bizarre is because there was never any plan or blue-prints for the building. This is very apparent throughout the entire hotel. (As shown in the picture with the collapsed ceiling and stairs leading to no-where)
That is not a rail car in the picture, but a regular car. (Okinawa has no trains and never has other than the current single monorail in Naha)You’ll find other rooms that have been set on fire for some reason or another. The car wasn’t, it’s just old and rusted out. The part of the hotel closest to the castle is actually the back/rear of the hotel.
Currently, a few bums and a monk live within the castle. The monk is most likely from a shrine/temple that is a few yards down the mountain. He has built a small shrine to help ease the spirits.
I hope this helps fill you in on the true story if you didn’t already know!

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