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Elisa Hough
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Jojo Brandel
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1. unchinaaintx - March 8, 2010

Really enjoying the blog, spent a lot of time in Nakanishi with my oba. I especially like the audio recordings, I want that zoomh2 now too! David Ralston is a local blues guy with close ties with Rinken Band. Nice guy, maybe he can help.

Anyway, gambatte!

Elisa - March 10, 2010

Thanks for reading! I’ve been hearing so much about Rinken Band but haven’t been able to see them yet. That would be great if you could get us in touch with him – send me an e-mail if you have the time!

2. Cheryl Rogers - March 21, 2010

Elisa, I just happened to come across your blog while checking out okinawa.com. I love it! You capture the heart of Okinawa from many angles. I enjoyed meeting you at the luncheon at Rennaisance Hotel that George Murasaki organized, and again at the museum. We’re back in the states now, and already miss Okinawa like crazy! Thank you for posting the blog, pictures, videos, etc, and continue to enjoy your time there!

Elisa - March 23, 2010

Hi Cheryl, I’m glad you found us! I’m learning more and more how serendipitous a place Okinawa is. Everyone is connected to everyone else somehow. Hopefully you can, in a small way, extend your Okinawa trip vicariously through ours. Thanks for reading.

3. suzanne harrell - March 25, 2010

Hi Elisa! We are really enjoying reading your blog! Thank you for sharing the sights, sounds, smells of Okinawa with us. We especially appreciate hearing your personal feelings and interpretations about what you are experiencing. We recently had house guests from Japan who said that Okinawa is a most beautiful group of islands with a culture that is strong and intact. We also talked with a friend of Kendalle’s who was in Ojita, Japan for a 2 year ‘teaching english’ program, and she said the same. We look forward every day to reading your posts. Have a GREAT rest of your trip !!!!

Elisa - March 27, 2010

Hey Suzanne! I’m glad you guys are reading – it’s more fun writing knowing there are friends back home on the receiving end. Say hi to your family for me!

4. suzanne harrell - April 1, 2010

Hi Elisa! We had okonomiyaki on our first trip to japan in 1975. I think it was in the city of Nara. We went into this tiny restaurant where all the tables had a griddle in the middle. The servers brought us all the ingredients and showed us what to do. It’s one of my best memories. I’ve thought about it on and off for 30 years! and several months ago went out and bought all the necessary ingredients to make it myself. Turned out pretty good. I’ve been wanting to make it for your mom. I think she mentioned that the Okinawan version had bitter melon in it?? I think there are a few restaurants in the US now that serve it, including SF. YUMMMM.

5. Wes Freeman - April 13, 2010

Hi Elisa…thanks to Jane for pointing me to your blog…it’s great reading about your adventures, but makes me wish I was there…

I was on Okinawa Christmas day for just the weekend and had a great time driving all over the island, but I want to go back again soon…thanks for sharing your experiences.


Elisa - April 14, 2010

Hey Wes, thanks for reading. We’re staying in Okinawa City now – what do you recommend we do while here?

6. suzanne harrell - June 3, 2010

Hi Elisa,
I’m really glad that you’re continuing your blog, giving us the opportunity to be “travelling” with you. Thank you for sharing with us.
I really like your thoughts about appreciating what we have around us, right here at home. We should always keep that in mind. Thank you for the reminder. If you need anything, you know where we are…

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