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“World Music” Boom May 7, 2010

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According to some experts, the surge of worldwide interest in Okinawan music stems from this song. The Boom is a mainland Japanese band, but the singer wrote “Shima Uta” after visiting Okinawa, and incorporated sanshin hooks and Hogen phrases. The Hogen title literally means “island music,” and the song is meant to capture the post-war island spirit.

According to Wikipedia, many others have covered this song, including … wait for it … ANDREW W.K.


PTA Party People March 25, 2010

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Dude, Okinawan parent-teacher associations know how to party.

In celebration of the end of the school year and saying sayoonara to some departing teachers, we had a big dinner party. This guy kept yelling “Itte mite!” (Let’s go for it!) Unfortunately we didn’t get a photo of a teacher and a parent doing a beer/awamori boatrace.

Also we didn’t get any photos of Ben, our head English teacher, and Jojo performing a few songs on stage. Ben is an R&B singer on the side (I’ve even heard rumor that some of his songs can be found in karaoke parlors). I did, however, get an audio recording:

Sigrunn got the best photo of the night